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Zone Tech Clear Car Sun Stop Shade Premium Quality Mesh Rear Window Shade

The Zone Tech Window Sun Shades is the ultimate solution in stopping the sun’s rays from penetrating your car. The mesh fabric still gives you some view from the window; it does not completely darken and cover your window. Also, the sunshades are extremely easy to install and to remove. The suction cups have a firm grip on the window yet are not there permanently.

Brand: Zone Tech
Color: Mesh
Fitment: Universal
Setting: Car Interior

Zone Tech brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!
In the intense summer weathers one of the greatest concerns are sun’s strong rays on your kids face and body by penetrating your car causing discomfort and sometimes even everlasting damage This Zone Tech Mesh Vehicle Sun Shade is the ultimate solution.
The solid mesh fabric blocks the sun and allows kids, babies or even adults to travel more comfortably. No more squinting due to the heavy glare of the sun. No more sun glares on IPads, Tablets or Cellphones. This Zone Tech Sunshade not only eliminates the sun’s rays but it also keeps you passengers cooler making it a most practical and convenient car accessory.
The design of the Zone Tech shades fit your car’s windows perfectly. The shades require no installation what so ever. Simply stick the easy to use suction cups onto the desired window and watch the magic happen. The suction cups can also be removed easily when not in use.
The mesh fabric of these shades also stops harmful UV rays or blue rays from harming your passengers. However the mesh also creates a see-through visibility for passengers not completely obscuring their view. It makes a great and thoughtful gift for taxicabs, carpoolers, moms or any car owner.
Zone Tech has taken everything you love about your vehicle and hit refresh. Still bold, still snazzy, Still uniquely your Zone Tech-but reinvented for a new era. As always you can expect prompt shipping, a devoted customer service team, and unmatched quality. We pride ourselves in selling the most practical, affordable, and convenient car accessories such as seat covers, organizers, and floor mats to outfit your car.


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