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The 8-Piece Brake Gauge Tool is a device that allows a technician to show the customer how much friction material is still available on the customer’s disc brake pad or brake shoe. This tool is not meant to serve as a precision measuring instrument, but rather as an “indicator” and visual aid in quickly determining how much brake pad is left. The different colors indicate how much brake pad lining is left and allows the technician to show the customer in which range he/she falls. Using this tool a technician or service advisor can make a recommendation to the customer about when they feel it may be necessary to replace their brake pads or brake shoes.

Metric: 8, 10, & 12mm (Green), 4, 5, 6mm (Yellow), 2 and 3mm (Red)

SAE: 0.3150-Inch to 0.4720-Inch (Green), 0.1575-Inch to 0.2382-Inch (Yellow), 0.0787-Inch to 0.1181-Inch (Red)
Color Coded Brake Gauge Identifies thickness level ranges for brake lining inspection
Constructed of 20-gauge sheet metal with a red, yellow, or green durable powder coat riveted together
It can be used to quickly gauge any vehicle and covers trucks and heavy duty transportation as well
The set is divided into 3 separate colors: Red, Yellow & Green; these identify if the brakes are still good (Green), should be serviced (Yellow) or are past due and must be serviced (Red)
1 Year Limited Warranty


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