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Slime 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator has two cylinders to deliver maximum power for rapid inflation making it Slime’s most powerful imflator. Included is a coiled air hose, in-line dial gauge and heavy duty rigid storage case. It connects directly to battery and inflates mid-size car tire in 2 minutes. It also features an internal thermal break to prevent overheating, inline dial gauge with shock resistant housing, 30-foot total reach and bright LED light. Alligator-clip power adapters, in-line dial guage amd 30-foot total reach air hose with twist connect come standard. Aluminum folding handle and air adapters are included as well.
Dual cylinder inflator for maximum power inflation
Its dual piston motor allows it to air up a standard car tire in 2 minutes
Direct drive inflator that connects directly to the battery for maximum power
Dial gauge in line on the hose


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