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About Sedeta Felt Edge Decal Squeegee

Sedeta Felt Edge Decal Squeegee is designed to help protect vinyl film and other sensitive materials from marring and scratching. Constructed from durable high quality plastic with a felt end. Felt wrapped squeegees save time and money by eliminating the need to ” wrap” a squeegee or re-cut/reprint a job due to the damage caused by a standard squeegee. Perfect for all vinyl applications without scratching during install. Useful for window films, paint protectant films, and more. Will last longer than ordinary squeegees due to the felt edge design. When hand applying film or premask, the felt edge squeegee is the perfect solution to create smooth substrates.

Vast Applications
Useful for window film, paint protection film, car wrapping film, window tint and films, and decals as well as for use with carbon fiber and wood grain vinyls.

Light, Even Pressure
Felt provides a more delicate application to prevent scratching and tearing of films.

Outstanding Durability
Provides the unique combination of strong, hard card firmness with a soft, smooth industrial felt edge.

Color: Blue
Dimensions: 4″ wide x 3″ tall
Compatibility: Compatible and suitable for application of all types of carbon fibre, vinyl, films and wraps.
Uses: For Carbon Fibre, Vinyl, Film Application – tool applicator
Abrasion resistant;Firmly and durable.
Not to hurt the paster;Do not hurt the glass.
Convenient to use.


1 pcs, 4 pcs


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