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DreamerGO Super cool car stickers stickers bumper stickers laptop stickers, 100 Pieces

About the product
√ Size: 6 to 12 cm, material: PVC.
√ Fashional bumper stickers, 100 random pieces of PVC stickers, totally worth it.
√ 100% brand new with sun protection and waterproof, so cool.
√ Cleaning the surface, then becomes on, use your imagination to create works.
√ You can stick in travel suitcase, car, motorcycle, bicycle, sliding plate, pencil box, phone, computer, etc.
√ Some may not appear on the picture and the picture showed may not appear on your package, but well will send you the at 100 company’s styles.

The Include
100 Pieces, 100 styles.

About DreamerGO
Not satisfied? Please don’t worry, return of goods is 100% guaranteed.
Size: 6-12cm. Material: PVC, Package 100 different kinds of high quality stickers, so cool!
Our stickers quality is the best on the market, you can send your child, your friends, this is a happy thing!
All the Stickers are 100% Brand New with Sun Protection and Waterproof Function !
Stickers paste on travel suitcase, car, wall, motorcycle, bicycle, sliding plate, pencil box, phone, laptop,computer stickers, etc.
This price with this high quality sticker is very lucky, not satisfied with 100% money back guarantee!


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