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Aluminum back plate 12T sprocket for #35 chain and 10T sprocket for 41/40 chain- both included.
Drive clutch bore: 1″(25.4mm )
Driven unit: Diameter 6″ (5/8″ driven pulley)
A torque converter acts similar to a transmission, allows higher speeds out of your small engine, and smoother acceleration.
This clutch will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load.


1″ 10T 40-41and 12T 35 Chain, 3-4” 12T 35 Chain, 3-4″ 10T 40-41 and 12T 35 Chain, 3-4″ 10T 40-41 Chain, 3-4″ Driven 1″ Driver Clutch


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