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With the introduction of FlyBy30 CarPro continues the trend of manufacturing products that offer top notch performance, exceptional ease of use and most importantly, longevity. CarPro FlyBy30 is incredibly easy to use and the complete kit includes everything you need to polish, prep and coat your glass with protection that lasts for up to 8 months.

CarPro FlyBy30 is a must-have product if you live in the Snow Belt. Coat your glass with CarPro FlyBy30 before winter and you’ll be amazed at how easily snow, sleet and ice is removed. The surface tension created by FlyBy30 is so immense that nothing will stick to the glass and it will be far easier to keep clean during the winter months.

If you live in a region that experiences torrential rain fall, CarPro FlyBy30 will significantly reduce wiper usage at speeds in excess of 30 mph because water will simply bead up and roll off! CarPro FlyBy30 creates such a slick, smooth surface that your windshield wipers won’t chatter.

Kit includes:
20ml CarPro FlyBy30
50ml CarPro Ceriglass
50ml CarPro Eraser
Applicator Block
Ceriglass Applicator
2 x 4″ Microfiber Suede Applicator
1 x 8″ Microfiber Suede Cloth
CarPro FlyBy30 is a durable coating designed to repel water, dust, dirt, sleet, snow and other airborne contaminants on your vehicle’s exterior glass
This state-of-the-art nano-based coating provides up to 8 months of protection for your vehicle’s exterior glass
CarPro FlyBy30 gets its name from its ability to cause water to bead up and roll off at speeds in excess of 30 mph


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