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Wow! This incredible protective cover for your AIRCAT 1150 & 1000-TH is absolutely awesome. Some people think of protection, but this is true unconditional protection. It keeps giving 24/7 even when you don’t, Protect your AIRCAT today! By the way, the protective cover is made of Proprietary Durable and incredible Vinyl material known around! Plus its made in the U.S.A.
The Air Tool Boot Protects the 1150 & 1000-TH against everyday wear and tear
The Proprietary Durable Vinyl material will look great while keeping all of the unwanted dirt and debris off of your tool
Protecting your air tool will potentially reduce the amount of down time from un-wanted repairs
The boot is used to protect the 1150 & 1000-TH and the AIRCAT® logo makes it look great
The protective boot is used to protect the Impact Wrench against unwanted damage to the tool and down time


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