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3M 1080 Series Gloss Black Vinyl is a dual cast film specifically designed for vehicle application to provide dimensional stability and durability without the need for an over laminate. The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film over the surface of the vehicle until you apply firm pressure. 3M 1080 is available in 60in (5 ft) widths making it possible to wrap virtually any section of a vehicle without seams. The non-visible air release channels assure a fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installation, when professionally installed. Saving valuable installation time.
When applied correctly to the appropriate hard surface the film is very durable and scratch resistant.
When heated and stretched it can be applied to extreme curved surfaces with a little patience and work.
The film is coated with a UV protective layer which lasts up to 12 years outdoors.
Once applied and bonded to you surface you may clean it and polish it with any type of cleaning agent that is used for painted surfaces.
Rapid Air adhesive needs to be applied dry and can be re lifted, repositioned and stretched before going over with a squeegee.


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